Titan Edge Is a Superslim Tour de Force

India makes great motorcycles, cars, even space rockets. The progress that Indian watch brands are making is impressive too, new brands like Bangalore offer excellent quality and this Titan Edge mechanical shows that India has the technical skill and design flair to rival European brands. Yep, even the Swiss.

At just 6mm high, this is a very slim mechanical watch. Inside there is a Titan in-house designed movement, which has similar bridgework to the old AS movements from the 70s and 80s. But this is a truly modern calibre, built from scratch and designed by Michael Foley, who runs his own design house in India.

At 2.2mm thick the Cal 903 movement is genuinely skinny and has some Swiss parts in there too.  In fact it is assembled and signed off in Switzerland. OK, Piaget beat that thin movement profile with a 2mm thick movement back in the 50s, but the Edge doesn’t carry a Piaget price tag. At 1.95 lakh it’s roughly £1950.

For those watch fans who didn’t know about Titan let us tell you that this is the 4th largest producer of watches in the world. Yep, they are a very big watchmaker. The super slimline Edge is really a showcase piece, with just 200 examples being produced, but it offers a glimpse of the future.

Everything can be scaled up, from Norton and BSA motorbikes to software systems, so one day Titan watches could be all over your smartphone shopping channels.

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