Armin Strom Capture The Zeitgeist

Those quirky geniuses at Armin Strom have been busy again, with this latest watch just hitting the website. Zeitgeist Resonance is a great name by the way, just saying. Here’s the word from AS;

This extraordinary piece from the independent Swiss manufacture Armin Strom celebrates the fifth anniversary of the brand’s resonance technology.

Zeitgeist shines the spotlight on Armin Strom’s patented Resonance Clutch Spring and its ability to create the most consistent timekeeping. The extraordinary component is a testimony to the brand’s ideals and its focus on cutting-edge research and evolution in watchmaking. Zeitgeist marks the next chapter for resonance watches.

Armin Strom’s ingenious technology is dramatically showcased in the Zeitgeist by exposing the entire mechanism. The 43mm case has been crafted from platinum. The movement is clearly at the center of this distinctive timepiece, which offers minimalist dial components and subtle decoration.

This one has a patented clutch sprong, which looks like a neat way of balancing power between two balance wheels. Clever stuff. This is how AS describe the gadget;

Thanks to the Resonance Clutch Spring, a flexible suspension connecting the two hairsprings with its balance wheels, all of Armin Strom’s Resonance watches are more resistant to shocks or vibrations.

So it’s a kind of dual Incabloc mechanism.

It retails for 160,000 Swiss francs, which is a reassuringly outrageous £130,000 or so. More here. 

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