Still Got Your RAC Bobble Hat? Deep Blue Has The Watch For You

The Lombard RAC Rally was one of the great winter traditions of the UK back in the 70s and 80s. Fearsome cars, brave drivers and hundreds of thousands of spectators packed the remote corners of Britain, just to celebrate the sideways mud bath that was rallying back then.

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If you miss those days and still have a padded anorak like chortling TV presenter Tony Mason, then this new Deep Blue watch is the ideal accessory.

It features a Ronda R150 auto movement, has a 44mm case plus 300m of water resistance, which is more than many expensive Swiss dive watches. Has a 120 click uni-directional bezel too.

There are a variety of chequered flag colours on the inner bezel, but we love the red n white, really stands out.

Price is a refreshingly low $279 plus taxes in the UK. More here.


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