March AM2 Calendar is Huey Lewis Hip

That Huey Lewis guy was onto something when he sang `It’s Hip To Be Square.’ For one thing, there’s the TAG Monaco to consider, which is the King of Cool even today, after half a century in production. Let’s not disresepct the Certina DS either, which is a dark, elegant, square delight.

Then there’s the square case/dial watches of the 1960s and 70s, from brands like Hudson, Glashutte, Seiko, Zenith and many more.

Got that whole vintage 60s motorsport chrono thing going on.

So we say salute French brand March LA.B. who have a limited edition AM2 Milisime model on the website right now.  It has a green tinted caseback window, which is very Belle Epoque absinthe drinker, I think you’ll agree.

Inside there is a Miyota automatic movement, which isn’t that great for a price tag of over £1100, but let’s focus on the quirky individual nature of the March brand instead.

OK so if you want something slightly cheaper then at just under a grand the new AM2 Calendar auto could be the thing. Fantastic Bentley racing green dial, green date numeral peeking from the data window and a 41mm case diameter.

That second crown operates the day/date setting by the way.

You need to add on import duty and VAT for UK sales, but still, something unique and collectable in the long run we reckon.

More here.

March do make some typically French promo videos too.

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