Zodiac Super Sea Wolf: Classic Colourways Back in Stock

Zodiac wanted to let us know they have new stocks of the Super Sea Wolf skin diver model. Excellent. We love the blue-on-blue variant, but there are black dial, white dial and a worldtimer option just in stock right now.

The SSW retails at £1395 and you get 200m of depth resistance from this classic, coin edged bezel dive watch.

Beautiful classic design, but we are going to say check out a Seiko Prospex, or even a Baltic Aquascaphe at £580, which also offers 200m of resistance. Then there’s the Seestern, Heimdallr and other budget brands on Ali Express. Not saying they’re up to Swiss quality naturally, but a fraction of the price.

If you want a Swiss rival then an Oris Sixty-five starts at £1400, or we found a Hamilton Khaki on offer at just £360 at Francis and Gaye jewellers online. Now that is a bargain, even if it’s a quartz.

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