Formex Essence 39mm is A Rule Breaker, Which is Ace

There are mens watches and ladies watches right? Well, yes and no. Because we live in a woke world where gender is just an idea, a kind of self expression for many, and anyway, who really cares what watch you like? Your choice…you know, like taking a va**ine. Lol.

That’s why we salute Formex for making this genuinely unisex watch, which has all kinds of interesting elements and a 39mm case size, which is arguably a perfect compromise for many people. It retails at £1440 by the way.

Here’s the word from Formex;

Formex watches are made to fit any gender, and with the 39mm case size, they are now wearable and comfortable on any wrist. Formex’s latest addition is not shrunken, bedazzled and quartzified for the ladies.

Love those hex-head case screws. Punchy.

It’s the exact same watch with a new dial material that is as resilient as it sounds – Mother-of-Pearl. The Essence, designed as a practical mechanical wrist watch for the everyday use now receives that extra bit of elegant flair from the mesmerizing MoP dial.


The Essence ThirtyNine is powered by Sellita’s highest quality grade SW200-1 Swiss Made Automatic movement, beautifully decorated and wound by Formex’s custom skeletonized rotor. Each one of these movements is certified by the COSC and undergoes the meticulous 15-day rate test to ensure extraordinary levels of mechanical accuracy and precision.


The dial is made of a whole piece of the inner shell layer of a Pinctada maxima shell also called the silver-lipped oyster, that can grow to a diameter of up to 30 cm. While MoP does have a reputation for fragility, in fact it’s one of the strongest forms of armor that nature has come up with, and it’s also the same material of which pearls are composed.

The result is a beautiful, glistening, iridescent and pearlescent white appearance that is concealed in the dark but fully unfolds when light hits the dial.

More details here.

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