Hey Bargain Hunters, What’s New At Sekonda UK?

You know it’s been ages since we checked in with Sekonda which is one of the big selling budget brands across the UK. Why? Simple really, reliable, decent lookers and low prices.

It isn’t a Russian brand anymore by the way, basically made in the Far East for a British based distributor called Time Products who also run Accurist and Limit in the UK.


Let’s begin with the Seksy by Sekonda watches for women, or guys that are now women – let’s not label anybody and get cancelled by the Woke Police.

We love this red edition of the Swarovski sparkle strap range, it really has that Christmas feel and there is a green one too if you want that holly n the ivy thing in your life. You cannot adjust the strap by much on this model, it just has a couple of removable links for slimmer wrists. Big arms? Sorry this won’t fit, you can’t buy extra links to gain an extra inch on the clasp area.

Bit pricey at £100 but ladies do seem to love these watches, they have a luxury feel compared to many lower priced Sekondas.


Yes, Sekonda now make a range of Smart watches, which have the usual fitness tracker features.  Here’s the spec on the roase gold model pictured below;

Featuring a rose gold coloured alloy case with a 1.1 inch, round, interactive dial. Features include step/distance/calorie tracker, sleep monitor, blood pressure/oxygen measurement, notifications and more.

The watch is fastened with a rose gold coloured stainless steel mesh strap and has a water resistance rating of IP67, meaning it has a water resistance of 1m for 30 minutes.

It retails at 80 quid, which is reasonable compared to so many fancy pants smartwatch brands.


We love this tribute to the Russian Sekonda automatics of the 1970s. A lovely range of dial colours, with the green and cream/beige catching our eye. Got a day/date window and a domed crystal. Just looks great and £70 RRP isn’t too painful.

Do you fancy a Mondaine watch without the pain of paying over £250 for a quartz watch? OK then, Sekonda have a white dial, red second hand model that should give you that Swiss railway vibe for just £50. Nice twin date window feature too.

Loads more new models and we say watch out for the Boxing Day Sale, as there are bound to be some half price models up for grabs.

More here. 

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