Marloe Atlantic R34 Chrono is Back In Stock

The latest from Marloe watches in the UK; The Atlantic R34 is back in store and ready to ship immediately.

For the R34 model we have used a quilted pattern for the dial base, along with sunken, contrasting lateral sub-dials, applied 12 index and name plate, and raised outer chapter ring. The hour and minute hands of the R34 are sword profiles, with a ridge running along the middle and polished to a mirror shine. This gives us contrast for the hands to reflect the environment, catching light on either of the facets.

Each sub-dial features one of two hand styles – the running second hand matches the polished main hour and minute hands. For the Chronoscope functions, the sub-dial and timer second hands are painted in a separate style to differentiate them. It’s subtle and perhaps, to some, imperceptible – but it’s there for a reason, and that’s the Marloe way.

Prices start at £975, more here. 


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