Tudor Pelagos FXD Edition: Solid, Crafted & Class

If you’re going to issue variations on a theme then the Tudor Pelgos is a good place to start. Featuring the in-House Tudor movement which is COSC standard, a decent depth resistance of 200m and that brand affinity with Rolex, the Pelagos has a great deal going for it.

Some might say this is a poor man’s Submariner, but we like to think of it as a fair value alternative. This latest iteration is priced at just under three grand, which is below pre-owned Air King values, never mind Sub prices, and that’s why we love Tudor.

The big tweak with this model is the fixed lugs, hence the FXD name. So you loop your fancy fabric strap around the loops and there y’go. No bracelet option on this if you change your mind later, as the lugs are part of the solid titanium billet case.

Fantastic bright blue dial and that French Navy caseback too. Great looking tool watch.

More here.

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