Can You Really Buy a New Quartz Watch For 8p?

We wanted to see how cheap you go when it comes to watches on Ali Express. So we took the plunge and paid the princely sum of 0.08p, yes eight pence, plus postage, for this fine Tissot PRC200 look-a-like.

Chrono buttons do nothing. Just for show.

No box obviously, no paperwork, just a cellophane sleeve and a padded envelope. Fair enough.

We removed the plastic protector near the cown, pushed it in and…nothing. Not a sausage. Opening the case revealed a very basic movement and some plastic spokes holding it inside the case. Changed the battery.

Yep basic movt. Battery change did nothing.

Nope no go. The strap also felt like it was made from some type of recycled bacon rind scraped off a burnt grill.

But hey, we lost a grand total of £4 on the deal and learned the lesson; there IS a price minimum you need to pay to obtain a functioning watch.

That sum will be revealed soon, as we review another bargain basement watch we spotted online.

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