Schofield Treasure: Bespoke, British and Nautical

If you like something bespoke and British then Schofield has a new model called the Treasure watch. Available with silver or gold plated coloured cases, this features a Swiss movement and it’s a limited edition of just 29 pieces. That is collectable.

It kind of reminds us of a ships chronometer with that deep case and smooth bezel.

This one retails at £3,480.

Here’s the word from Schofield;

The notion of treasure, whether to hoard it or share it has been a Schofield conundrum from the start. One of our many straplines, ‘All we Make is Treasure’ sums up the Schofield vibe of the coast, lighthouses and the romance of something to be discovered.

It has been 10 years this November since we launched Schofield to the world with the Signalman. A polished steel case with a black dial. So we consider this new model an anniversary watch harking back to an earlier time with all the wonder we have imagined over the last decade built in.

The price shown is with UK VAT, if you are outside of the UK, VAT will be deducted at the checkout. There are so many ways to pay, if you would rather do business over email – it is no problem. Note – COVID, Brexit and Christmas will slow production down, please be aware that it is likely to take one to two months to complete an order.

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