Orient Revives Multi-Year Model, Now 43mm Case

The latest from Orient, who have a late entry to the Christmas selling season;

ORIENT introduces six new Multi Year Calendar models to its Contemporary Collection. Featuring a one-of-a-kind display incorporating year, month, date, and day, this model epitomises the creative watchmaking style of ORIENT, combining the functionality of mechanical watches with original designs that delights aficionados who appreciate something distinctive in a watch.

The first generation of Multi Year Calendar dates back to the 1960s when ORIENT continuously created unique models featuring daring designs. Next generation models released in the 1990s, were equipped with ORIENT’s in-house automatic caliber 46 series and became one of the most popular models. The new Multi Year Calendar features this automatic functionality with hand winding plus second hand hacking caliber F6 series for improved

At the same time, a newly introduced see-through case back makes it possible to admire the precision mechanical movement from the back. The calendar adjustments have been significantly improved. This new model inherits the original display system that shows the calendar for more than 20 years by corresponding the last 2 digits of the years and months at 12 o’clock, and matching the day and date at 6 o’clock.

But one thing is different. There is no longer a push button to adjust the display ring, meaning that all adjustments of the calendar function can now be accessed from the crown. The design of this new model has also been refined. With a slightly enlarged case of 43.5 mm in diameter and a narrow bezel, the new wider dial makes it possible to allocate the calendar displays in bigger characters providing better legibility. Big 3-dimensional hour markers and large hands with facets also enhance readability.

The new generation Multi Year Calendar comes in a wide array of colour dials as before: gold gradation, green, navy, and white dials come with a metal bracelet, while ivory and black dials come with leather straps. The colour dials not only enrich the original calendar display, but also add a fashionable touch. The new Multi Year Calendar models are attractive time pieces that bring enjoyment to their owner.

More details on the Orient range here.

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