Casio Gives The G-SHOCK A Touch of Marble

There is a rainbow case edition of the G-SHOCK in the range already, but this new one has a kind of marble effect. That touch of luxury doesn’t come cheap as the watch retails at £999. Yep. A grand.

Bit cheeky, but some collectors will just have to have it. Here’s the word from Casio;

Introducing the multi-colour mystic mountain styling of the MTG-B2000XMG. With rugged toughness and where metal, carbon, and resin meet, this striking timepiece is inspired by the majestic multi-layered patterning of Rainbow Mountain in Peru. The multi-coloured bezel is made of carbon-reinforced resin forged from laminated sheets of carbon and glass fiber.

The rugged strength of carbon and glass fiber and the random patterns created when the bezel is cut deliver strong, yet lightweight, one-of-a-kind watches, each with its own unique colour pattern.

The multi-coloured carbon bezel, rainbow ion-plated bezel ring, rose gold ion plating, and the band in translucent blue come together to reproduce the oxidation of minerals deposited by volcanic activity and tectonic shifts in all its stunning earthy artistry.

The watch is also Bluetooth®enabled so it automatically connects with the G-SHOCK Connected app whenever the watch is in the vicinity of your phone, eliminating the need to use the buttons, and MULTIBAND 6 Radio Controlled technology automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six calibration signals around the globe when you are within the range of a signal, even if connection with a phone is not possible.

Other features include high-brightness LED illumination, Dual Time, stopwatch, and more. Stable operation is ensured by a CASIO original Tough Solar charging system.

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