Y’Know Space Invaders Never Really Went Away

Hello retro 80s fans! Long live Adam Ant, Rah-rah skirts and Space Invaders. What a great console game down the pub that was back in the early 80s, along with The Firebird. But I digress, let’s talk Timex.

Yes, this company knows how to repackage its heritage and the pop culture of the past better than Mark Ronson. The Space Invaders T80 model has a 34mm case, comes in gold tone or silver and has a unique Taito game style Invaders graphic on the caseback too.

Yep it’s a quartz powered watch, acrylic crystal and has some chrono functions too.  There’s a night light button too.

By the way we know the Invaders game was inveted in the 70s, but the games machines didn’t make it to Blighty’s pubs n bars, replacing the pool table in many cases, until the 80s. Bit of social history for you there.

Not on sale yet, but you can join the waiting list at Timex UK if you have £85 to spend.

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