Marloe Limited Edition: Darting Around The Bay

Marloe Watches have a limited edition model, in collaboration with Bert & Buoy, which we reckon are a nautical fashion brand.

The super clean dial watch has a sky blue strap and matching dial details plus blue second hand. It’s almost like a child’s drawing of a boat on the ocean and some may love that simplicity of design.

Marloe say;

Beauty in simplicity; nothing could be more apt to describe Bert’s nautical illustrations and the same is true of our design for The Dart. Using the illustrated ship motif as the centrepiece, we formed a simple set of markings around the upper ring of the dial, leaving the main dial surface free of any distractions. It brings a wonderful clarity and openness to The Dart that, coupled with the ink-line hands, makes time-telling a cinch.

The dial is constructed using 3 layers; the dial surface, flat and spacious, with a slightly recessed colour ring in Bert’s vivid aquamarine, and a final chamfered upper ring with 1-through-12 and minute markings, both in that same aquamarine and a lighter grey. It’s an exercise in beautiful simplicity.

Which is fair enough.

So what’s inside the minimalist case? A reliable Miyota auto movement, the 9039 series in fact. There is a see-thru caseback if you wish to view it, although some may say it’s a bit pedestrian. The porthole effect on the screwdown caseback is a very clever touch though, appreciated.

Limited to 250 pieces and retails at £349. More here. 

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