Hublot Big Bang DJ Snake: Purple Reign

If Prince were still around then this would be the logical choice for His Royal Purpleness. The Hublot DJ Snake may well be 45mm across, which is kinda large for a pocket sized superstar, but still, what a match made in I Wish You Heaven. See what we did there?

OK, let’s talk specs. The case is satin polished titanium and has that iridescent glow, so the colour shifts as you move the watch in the light. Sapphire AR coated crystal and a camo style strap.

You only have 100m water resistance, but that should be OK for most poolside parties over at your local TikTok influencers rented mansion.

Inside you have a HUB chronograph movement, with the usual flyback button feature and 72 hours of power. That’s an impressive amount of longevity.

It’s a skeleton dial so you can see some of that handiwork and we like the hollowed out hands too, nice ghostly sort of face on this one.

It’s priced at £21,500, so yeah, crank up that crypto celeb scam idea, because you need to get rich quick. Just 100 pieces are being made.

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