Is Baselworld Consigned to The History Books?

Baselworld has been cancelled for 2022.

No, not because they invited John Cleese to present an award there for the Clockwise Clock of The Year, but just because…well the industry has moved on and globalists don’t really want lots of people travelling. Not even wealthy watch fans.

So here’s the statement from the Baselworld website.

“This decision is based on the one hand on the experience gained from the Pop Up Event at the Geneva Watch Days and on intensive discussions with manufacturers and retailers. On the other hand, it takes into account the fact that it is particularly difficult to launch a new concept for a new target segment due to the renewed aggravation of the COVID situation and the associated uncertainty among customers.

An interdisciplinary team from the MCH Group will analyze the target segments and, in close exchange with manufacturers and retailers, make a deep dive into their marketing and transaction needs.

We hope to come back to you soon with new and positive news about the future of Baselworld.”


For what it’s worth, NWC mag doesn’t see any future in the old Baselworld, or anything like it where thousands of people converged on a small town and paid £700 a night for a bed, shower and breakfast of warm cheese toasties. It also became an almost abusive relationship between the town itself and the worldwide watch industry – you shall tolerate this **it or not get an invite next year.

For logistical reasons it makes sense to organise a genuine TRADE ONLY fair in Switzerland. Quick road trip with new watches, meet ADs, distributors, general schmoozing, gift bags all round and then a short hop back with the stock to secure underground vaults in the factory.

But please, send the superyacht celebs, wannabe Bitcoin millionaires, watch vloggers and other assorted `influencers’ to somewhere like Shanghai, where a consumer show actually makes sense. That’s where the market is for luxury watches, in the brighest Blade Runner-esque city, within the borders of the biggest superpower on the planet.

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