Veo World: Sustainable Watches, At a Price

As COP26, also known as the Annual Festival of Private Jets, draws to a close in Glasgow, many people are asking, `where can I buy a watch made from recycled ocean waste and Joe Biden’s huge methane production?’

OK, they’re not, but in the spirit of placating the Woke Inquisition, we offer this peek at Votch, Ksana and other watches on the Veo World site. To be fair, they are taking a load of waste and making it into a new watch, plus giving a fair wage to people on the other side of the world. Which is good, right?

They have also thought through the entire supply chain thing, here’s the word from their website;

Created in London in 2019 Ksana is a vegan, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable watch brand. Our watches are well designed and bold.

At Ksana, our true core value is and always has been the environment. We are a cruelty free company and  strive to leave the smallest  environment footprint possible.

All of our watches are 100% vegan and cruelty free and produced in a solar powered factory which recycles both waste and water where possible. The workforce also have high standards of work and safety and are of course fairly paid.

Our boxes and packaging materials are also made from 100% recycled materials and can either be upcycled or recycled once they have completed their job of protecting our products en route to you.


The Votch brand at Veo World also has vegan straps, plus watches made from reclaimed materials. There are some nice minmalist designs on show here but they are a tad dull to look at. There are fans of the Braun watch designs or Mondaine, but these are miles away from those black polo neck designer watch legends.

OK we’ll say it, they look a bit budget and for just under 100 quid, your watch should really look half decent. We applaud the greener production, but come on, let’s have some styling too.


All this green idealism costs big money. £75 for a basic quartz watch is expensive, although people pay lots more for something similar which says Boss, Armani or Michael Kors on the dial.

The gents Votch pictured is £96 and for that money, you can get a nice Lorus, Accurist, or about 10 quartz watches from Ali Express.

Herein lies the problem with sustainable living; it excludes and penalises the working class poor in Europe and the USA. Maybe that’s the idea?


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