Autodromo Prototipo Limited Edition

Autodromo has sent us info on their 10th anniversary Prototipo model. Here’s the word.

As we approach our 10 year anniversary this month we are pleased to announce the first in a string of re-issues of classic Autodromo watches. Some will be old colourways we are bringing back, and some, like this Worn and Wound Edition Prototipo, will be exciting new twists on old favorites.

This new numbered edition is extra special to us because it celebrates both 10 years of Autodromo and 10 years of our friends at Worn and Wound.

Fans and collectors of the Prototipo will notice 3 new elements that differ from past versions of this watch:

  • The case is plated in Gray finish
  • The rally strap is suede for the first time ever (and now made in Italy)
  • Those troublesome hex screws on the caseback are now polished flatheads! All the new versions of the Prototipo will have these screws going forward.

The Worn and Wound Edition Prototipo is only available via the Windup Shop, so please click the link here to secure your pre-order. Ships in Mid December. Priced at $625 USD.

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