Big News: AliExpress 11.11 Online Watch Sale is Coming Soon

Yes budget watch fans, this is the real action you’ve been waiting for. Forget about the Amazon Black Friday deals, because AliExpress has thousands of watches with up to 80% off the previous RRP.

We spotted some nice reductions on well known brands like Cadisen, Pagani, Benyar, Paulareis, Steeldive, Addiesdive and more. You can also get a coupon for a few dollars extra off the price, just click to download it before hitting the Cart page.

OK, here’s our top picks.


We will start with a Benyar Tudor Black Bay homage, which features a two-colour bezel, auto movement and 42mm case width. On the 11.11 deals email we saw this at $44.39 at the Benyar store page. You cannot really argue on value there.


Over at the Addies watch store, there are discounts of up to 70%, which is very welcome. We like the 007 style Deepseahunter sports spec dive watch, with 4pm crown, plenty of lume, a Seiko NH35 engine, plus sapphire crystal. Beefy 44.5mm case diameter too, so this is a credible dive model with 200m resistance for $140 on special offer.

Lovely sterile dial bronze case 200m diver too, at just over $216, worth a look we think.


Pagani is another China-based brand with a bit of a cult following and again, it comes down to decent quality features for not much money. They also do nice homages to the Seiko Presage, Rolex Sub and Omega Seamaster.

The Pagrne 300m Prospex look-a-like is very tempting at $110 on the special 11th November Sale deals. Big case watch with 300m resistance, 4pm crown position, plus a big 45mm case diameter lets you make a statement with this baby.

Something slightly smaller? The Pagani GMT in Root Beer colours also floats our boat at just under 90 bucks. Especially with a two-tone bracelet. Just nicely executed we reckon.

More at the Pagani store and you can add all the bargains you like to your Cart, then wait for the final price on 11.11.

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