Say Bonjour to Bohen Watches: Go Deep Mes Amis

Here is a new watch brand we discovered today online; Bohen Watches, based in France.

They are making high quality dive watches, with Swiss movements, steel cases, plenty of lume and a unique date magnification feature. Instead of glueing a magnifying piece of glass onto the crystal of their Mille Mer model, they have inserted a tiny glass inside the case, just above the dial.

We like this lateral thinking; if you are building a deep dive watch, then there is going to be room for a date magnifying tool to be mounted inside. So why not invent one and file a patent on it? Cool non?

The promo video shows stunning detailing on the bracelet, case dial – everything looks beautifully designed and manufactured. This doesn’t come cheap at just under 2000 euros, although if you consider what a 300m dive watch from the big name Swiss brands retails at then you might think it is a bargain.

But there’s more – the first 500 buyers get a special discount so the RRP goes down to 1650 euros. Tempting, although UK buers have to pay Import Duty/VAT on top.

NWC mag will be following Bohen watches with interest.

More here.

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