Hamilton Khaki Pilot: Vintage Looks, Modern Tech

Hamilton’s new Khaki Pilot Mechanical channels the spirit of the 19th century pocket watch, but in the altogether handier wristwatch format. Of course, you could buy a vintage pocket watch that’s been re-cased for wristwatch duties, often called a marriage watch.

But this is brand new, not a century old or more, so you get a guarantee and that H31 movement, which powers so many of the Hamilton range. Nice view of it through the caseback as well, which always adds some interest for an owner.

Here’s the word from Hamilton;

Inspired by the Model 23, a cutting-edge pocket watch used by U.S. soldiers during WWII, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer’s distinctive design is a tribute to Hamilton’s aviation and military heritage.

The sporty yet refined pilot watch retains an indisputably technical feel with its handwinding mechanical movement, bi-directional rotating bezel and prominent winding crown. Available with a sleek stainless steel or unique bronze case, this 43mm timepiece is ready to fly.

Prices are just over £1000 for the steel case and £1300 for the bronze, which we reckon has that more authentic vintage feel. It will, like fine wine, age nicely too.

That is still a fair chunk to pay for a Hamilton, but you get that Swiss cachet which you don’t have with a homage broanze watch from an Indie maker.  The only question mark is that big ol onion crown, which isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea we think.

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