Budget Watches: TPW Field Watch, Reviewed and Rated

What kind of watch can you get for just £6.50 these days? Yes, that includes postage.

Well the answer is quite a good one, and no shortages, no panic, just a smooth Royal Mail delivery 8 days after payment. Yes this Field watch from TPW on Ali Express shows you can get a basic timekeeper for even less than Argos money. I mean, you could spend £6 in fuel and parking just driving into town to visit a few watch shops or a local Market Hall.

OK, it’s packaged in bubble wrap, no box and the only paperwork is a tiny leaflet explaining how to pull out the crown to adjust the time. Also, there is a slight rough cast effect on the black paint adorning the case. But this lightweight quartz tells the time, has a classic black/white dial and a decent crystal too – feels like mineral glass.

The NATO strap is perfect for many wrist sizes and it has two little loops for the end of the strap, so it isn’t left hanging there. Tidy.

At 41mmm across and 11.3mm in height, this is an ideal size for most people too, not too big, not too small.

Verdict: Another budget winner from TPW and no, we aren’t on commission or an affiliate scheme – we just love top value watches. We say why pay £40 for a Sekonda, or even £20 for a Limit, when you can get bargains like this from China?

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