BWC Apogee Channels Retro 70s Style, With Modern Tech

The Bangalore Watch Company in India is celebrating the journey being taken by this global superpower into space. India may still lag behind Elon Musk or China, but it is learning fast and plans manned flights within a few years.

So BWC has a watch to mark the space program in the shape of the Apogee. Not the name NWC mag would have chosen, but then Seiko kinda beat everyone to it with Astron.  The Apogee is an automatic, 40mm, with a Sellita movement inside. There is a choice of fume dials too.

Here’s the word from BWC;

Fumé dials are a rarity, you’ll find yourself peering into this dial often. This matte fumé pattern starts with a deep-green colour graduating towards the outer edge and turning black. This makes for excellent light-play on the dial in different lighting conditions, making for an entertaining watch to wear.

The lightweight case is unmissable. It is machined from a single block of Grade 2 Titanium, and finished with a uniform micro-bead-blasted finishing for that avant-garde appearance.

With a 100 meters water-tight case and a Swiss automatic movement, the Apogee checks several boxes for a sporty, futuristic watch with an incredible backstory that is sure to become the conversation piece of your group.

Pontiac Memomatic. Spotted at the LocalTime online store.


What we love about this watch is the 1970s styling which is so reminiscent of a Sorna, Sicura, Damas, Pontiac or even a 50s Blancpain. All those old school twin crown watches had a bold dial design with lume placed at each hour marker and often featured 24 hour chapter rings too.

The titanium case gives it a modern, almost kitchen worktop surface sheen, that updates the concept effectively. At £660 or so, plus import duties, this isn’t too expensive either. On pre-order for December.

More at the BWC site. 

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