Hamilton Khaki Take-Off Celebrates Aviation Expertise

Italy has a great aviation history so it’s no surprise that Hamilton wanted to celebrate it.  For example Piaggio built the first bomber with a pressurised cockpit for high altitude work back in 1919.  Then there’s the incredible story of Umberto Nobile’s adventure in an airship,  and subsequent rescue, as he journeyed to the North Pole back in the 1920s – well worth reading if you have the time.

So the Khaki Take-Off is a quirky, supersized pilot watch that celebrates daring aviators, with splashes of industrial yellow on its chunky 46mm wide case. From some angles it kinda looks like a De Walt tool box, no offence Hamilton…

The watch celebrates Dario Costa’s low level flight through a tunnel, which is obviously a kinda tricky stunt to do, and you can see the Red Bull YT video here;

This is very much a dashboard type, tool watch and you can in fact clip it onto your dashboard, as well as wear it on your wrist.  Inside you get the H31 automatic movement, which powers other Khaki models.

The Take-Off has 60 hours of power reserve, plus those distinctive Bullhead style pushers mounted at the top of the case. It has a kind of rally driver appeal, although NWC mag thinks that you could get something equally quirky for a great deal less cash.

Yeah, the price of this Swiss beauty is £2645 which is expensive for a Hamilton and given the rapid depreciation of most Hamilton watches we have to recommend you consider a Citizen Chrono Racer Bullhead at about £500, or perhaps a Mondia Bolide quartz, which has bullhead pushers and striking styling. Only £199 online.

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