The Name’s Brand, James Brand

Timex has a partnership deal with The James Brand, which sees the Expedition North get an eco-friendly strap made from recycled plastic, plus a solar movement – so no battery changes. Well not for a decade most likely. Not to mention a titanium case.

It retails in the US for $349 but is currently out of stock. Not available in the UK yet by the way.

Here’s the press info;

Timex is expanding upon its heritage in the outdoor watch segment by adding new styles to its much-loved Expedition franchise. Having first introduced the collection in the late 80s, the newest Expedition North line brings together quality craftsmanship and an outdoor design, boasting ergonomic, functional capabilities and a rugged aesthetic, alongside premium materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Nice chunky crown guards, eye-catching inlay colour too.

In fact, Expedition North marks a new era for Timex, forging the path to a greener future by implementing an eco-conscious approach to watch design. Of note, each watch is outfitted with straps made from 100% Recycled Plastic Fabric and zero-water Ecco® DriTan™ Leather. Our solar-powered movements can be recharged by any light source, while our hand-wound movements allow consumers to forgo the batteries altogether.

  • Tide-Temp-Compass: Releasing in 2022, this timepiece is built for the long haul. The bidirectional center hand reflects local tide and temperature conditions to always point its wearer in the right direction.
  • Field Post 41 Solar: With luminescent hands and dial markings powered by light, the sun works overtime to make this watch legible in the dark.
  • Field Post 36 Solar: Take what you love about the Field Post 41 Solar, and scale it all down to a slightly retro profile. The Field Post 36 Solar harkens back to military-issue watches from decades past.
  • Field Post 38 Mechanical: Featuring a hand-wound mechanical movement and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the Field Post 38 does more than look the part.

The highlight of the Expedition North collection, however, is the timepiece crafted in collaboration with The James Brand—a style that is similarly guided by our commitment to preserving Earth’s wild spaces. Designed around both brands’ pledge to deliver on modern minimalism, true craftsmanship and attention to detail, the new Timex x The James Brand wristwatch is crafted with an adventurous lifestyle in mind, while simultaneously embodying the kind of tradition you can wear every day.

“Partnering with The James Brand allowed us to apply our mutual appreciation for craftsmanship and functionality to a piece that honors our respective passions for watchmaking and everyday carry essentials” notes Giorgio Galli, Chief Executive Creative Director of Timex Group. “The resulting watch is not only the pinnacle style of our newest Expedition North collection, but also the embodiment of the future we have in store for outdoor watch design.”

Portland, Oregon-based Ryan Coulter, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The James Brand, states that one of the brand’s main objectives is to “elevate traditional tools, like the pocketknife, from the tactical realm and into a space in which they carry some form of emotional currency.” He continues, “Our collaboration with Timex tells an integrated story—one that’s centered around strengthening the connective tissue between the product and the wearer.”

Lightweight and built-to-last, The James Brand x Timex Expedition North collaboration accomplishes this and more, featuring a 41mm titanium case that packs a sturdy 21-jewel automatic movement, classic Timex dial layout, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and Super-LumiNova® C3 luminescent infill on the hands and dial—neatly packaged and 200 meters water resistant. The result guarantees all-around functionality, whether you consider yourself a budding explorer or epic adventurer.

For more information about Timex x The James Brand, as well as the full Timex Expedition North, please see HERE. Both Timex x James Brand and Expedition North are available for purchase on

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