Tissot PRX Auto: Little Touch of Remixed Genta Magic

Tissot’s PRX Powermatic 80 really captures the 80s vibe in terms of design, and it’s interesting to see Tissot chasing a younger market with its make-your-own-movie promotional campaign. It might work, although so many younger blokes want a Tudor, Rolex or Hublot – that’s the stuff they see sports stars wearing, not a Tissot.

But a PRX Powermatic 80 is affordable of course. The budget Powermatic movement is a Swatch inspired sandwich of automated tech that keeps costs down, and although it isn’t adjustable by a trained watchmaker, frankly, most owners won’t really care. You shake it and off it goes, no battery required.

At £565 it’s way cheaper than a Tudor Black Bay, but still a bit expensive compared to plenty of Indie brand watches online, on Kickstarter, or even in some shops. You get that beautiful blue waffle finish dial, a case and bracelet that has a slight similarity to an AP Royal Oak too – no surprise as Gerald Genta was the designer behind the Roayal Oak, Omega Constellation and original PRX auto – that is some track record in watchmaking.



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