Timex Pac-Man Is Fun, Retro and Affordable

Remember Pac-Man? If you do then you must have creaking joints like your NWC mag editor, as the 80s video game was once a staple feature of British pubs. Yes, pubs had video games, some housed in stand-up cabinets, some were sit down table screen affairs. Anyone recall Firebird?

Anyway, Timex has a fun Pac-Man watch, which is 38mm across, has the Indiglo night light, mineral crystal,  conventional caseback for battery changes using a case knife, plus that jazzy video game dial. At £59 it’s affordable too.

We couldn’t find the T80 retro digital Pac-Man model on the UK Timex site, but we did spot it on sale at Mr Porter for £70, another very cool vintage style watch that’s just fun.

A future classic we think, just like the early Swatch models.

More here.

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