Boldr Updates Dial Colours on Venture Field Medic

Boldr in Singapore has updated the dial choices on their Venture Field Medic model. Here’s the press info;

The bright, bold dial of this Venture Field Medic Salamander is inspired by the 2021 Pantone colour combo. We were searching for a camouflage theme that’s different, fresh, modern, and related to the Field Medic concept.

Salamanders not only possess highly conspicuous colour patterns to deter predators, but are able to heal & self-regenerate their own limbs. This Field Medic takes after the “Fire Salamander” and its beautiful bright yellow spots.

The Venture Field Medic utilizes an ultra-tough & super light 38mm titanium case and is powered by a SII VK64 Mecaquartz chronograph movement. The precisely graduated markings on the dial are able to count off heart and respiratory rates within a matter of seconds. When activating the chronograph, we’d recommend counting using 30-second intervals for higher accuracy.

The Field Medic is as sturdy as they come and rated for 200m water resistance, so don’t worry about getting your hands dirty. Designed for front-liners and watch enthusiasts, $30 from every Field Medic sold goes towards Covid-19 related charities. Make the most out of this tough tool watch while giving back for a good cause.

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