Jaeger le-Coultre Proves Diamonds Are Forever

We don’t often cover ladies watches here at the Northern Watch Co maga and it isn’t because we don’t like them, or we hate women like trans activists seem to. No. It’s just because they are rarely collectable and the reason is that women usually have better things to do than collect watches, tinker with them, obsess over movements, springs, complications or any of that blokey oneupmanship.

But this Rendezvous model from JLC is really something special. I mean look at the way the diamonds are set around the bezel. It is a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art and I speak as someone who has glued in several CZ stones. Badly.

Yes, they even put a diamond in the winding crown. You would be scared to touch this thing. Best plan is just put inside a Pink Panther style glass vault, surrounded by alarms and look at it sometimes as you would do with a Monet or a Carravaggio.

That Lapis Lazuli dial has bold numbers, a stuning moonphase complication and inside there is a Cal 935 movement. JLC says that it needs no adjustment for 972 years. Who are we to argue?

Let’s just be glad that such obsessive devotion to creating truly mind-blowing timepieces still exists at JLC and other houses of horology. Sometimes watchmaking is all about the boundaries of space and time.

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