Glashutte Is Doing That Seventies Thing

Do you love that 1970s style of watch manufacturing, with big bold TV dials and cases? Some, like the Zenith El Primero from that era, are now rising in value as people discover the Seventies Swagger they never really experienced first time around – since they weren’t even born..

Anyway, Glashutte have been feeling nostalgic so here are some details on their bright yellow, limited edition, 70s homage chrono, called the Panorama;

With its distinctive case this chronograph captures the essence of the design icons of the 1970s: Dynamic lines and flowing curves lend it an authentic and retro-modern character.

The dial was manufactured in-house and is coated entirely with yellow varnish. Super-LumiNova highlights on the hour and minute hands and on the appliques ensure optimal legibility in the dark as well.

A special sapphire crystal case back allows one to view the automatic movement Calibre 37-02, which has been finely finished. It features a column-wheel switch and was designed to be compact in order to ensure maximum stability.

It’s available with a leather strap or steel bracelet and the UK price is £12,600. Ouch.

Did Swiss watches cost the same as small cars in the 70s? No they did not, for example a Rolex Sub cost about $230 before local taxes in the early 70s. Even allowing for inflation that’s probably under two grand today – yep watches were cheap before everyone decided that buying a Rolex was a sign that you’d made it in life.

Just saying.

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