Torgoen Revives the T21 Flight GMT Model

Torgoen has revived its T21 Flight GMT watch, which has a slide rule function. Not our thing, but if you love GMT watches then it’s worth a look.

RRP is £217 and there are cream, blue and black dial options.

The TorgoenT21 Flight GMT is a one-of-a-kind timepiece that incorporates a functional E6B analog flight computer. Developed by US naval pilots in the late 1930’s, the E6B is a circular slide rule used during flight planning to calculate fuel burn, wind correction, time en route and other stats.

Although modern aircrafts now use electronic systems to make these calculations, the E6B is still used in flight training to teach pilots how to manually compute these important factors.

Complete with GMT function, the T21 Flight GMT is the ultimate watch for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

One thought on “Torgoen Revives the T21 Flight GMT Model

  1. Being the slide rule bezel, based on the E6B, is a key feature of this watch, I would like to actually see it in action. Is the external bezel bi-directional? Does it rotate smoothly, yet keep it’s place when not being moved?

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