Casio G-Lide: Surf’s Up & Vision is Highly Overrated

Casio has been channelling the spirit of Point Break – the greatest action-comedy ever made – and launched a G-Lide GBX range, featuring vital tide and moonphase timings, for those stealth missions at night when Surf’s Up dude.

With a superbright display panel, retro 80s digital case styling and a forged steel bezel these are great tool watches.  Usual Casio alarm and lap timer functions too.

You even get sunrise/sunset info as well. If you plan on leaping out of a small aircraft after committing a bank robbery, that is useful to have. You don’t want the sun in your eyes as you shout `No you pull the cord!’

200m of water resistance means you can get active with this watch, no problem.

The GBX models start at £149 in the UK and we kinda like the bold turquoise strap model.


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