When Watchmakers Go Woke, They Will Reap The Whirlwind

We got a press release from Nomos Glashutte recently which had their hate speech and democracy policy attached. You might think that private companies have no busines trying to lecture their workforce, but we live in the age of the Great Reset, so no adult is allowed to form their own opinions anymore. Nomos then has joined a German government scheme to educate workers on internet threats.

Reading through phrases like `a new approach is needed to strengthen resiliency among adults against outside threats,’ or `The flood of manipulated news and hate attacks on the internet is deepening the rifts in our society and distorts election campaigns.’ you can feel the cold dead hand of Left-wing wokeism, censorship and cancel culture seeping from every line.

As an experiment in free speech – which Nomos claim to support – we asked them three questions;

  1. Why do they feel the need to tell their employees what to think?
  2. If a Muslim states they think being gay is a sin, is this hate speech?
  3. If a woman states that she believes only a woman can give birth, not a man, is that fake information?

Here is their official response;

Many thanks for your e-mail. We don’t tell anyone what to think but we consider tolerance and openness to the world as a great asset. Without these values, NOMOS Glashütte, our company, would not exist as it is today. Gender equality is also non-negotiable for us. 

Not good is it? Fails to answer any of the very important points made on Trans vs Terfs and Islam vs LGBTQ.

You may think, why does this matter? It matters because millions died in WW2 as two great ideologies, fascism and communism fought for the hearts and minds of their followers – and to impose their brutal, genocidal worldview upon democracies. It matters because one in three adults in East Germany was acting as a snitch for the Stasi in the 80s It matters because people are losing their jobs in 2021, simply for expressing an opinion, or showing cartoons to school students.

Watch manufacturers should leave the politics to the howling mobs of trolls, hate-filled activists and paid shills on social media. Concentrate on making great watches.

The time to fight for freedom will come, but it won’t be against the mythical `far right’ that wokeists keep blathering on about. It will be against the corporate Quislings who enforce the suppression of free speech and turn workplace canteens and meeting rooms into sinister re-education camps that Stalin and Mao would be proud of.

We will all pay a terrible price for the death of free speech.



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