Swiss Watch Brand Videos: From Woke to Wonderous

We thought it was time to check out some promo videos on You Tube, producted by various watch brands.  Along with various woke messages about diversity and saving the planet, some of them are quite entertaining.

As Swiss watch brands now showcase their models at Watches n Wonders online, rather than at Baselworld, maybe we shall see more money being put into video channels, with specific regional market content?

It’s interesting to see how Oris have used a 1970s sitcom vibe to promote its recent retro Holstein model for example;

Hamilton have gone full classic car vibe for their Intra-Matic and who can blame their agency for gathering a classic Mustang, a cine camera and a twisty mountain road together for the shoot? It looks like a Father’s Day ad and you know what, that probably works perfectly for any Hamilton watch in the USA.

Tudor have that Born To Dare slogan of course, so a partnership with a wave pool in Switzerland, built by Alaia, is ideal. Beautiful woke people, surfing in a sterile environment, where no ocean life or eco-system can be harmed. Perfect.

Some might agree with Bodhi from Point Break that `big wave surfing’ and fifty year storms is where it’s at as regards being born to dare, but yeah, health n safety, track n trace, please login using your EU Vax Pass.

Here’s a thing, I never realised that the mysterious banker from Casino Royale was based on this dude from Vacheron Constantin. Check it out. Nice gloves too.

Finally, let us tip our hats to Longines for this wonderful resto video, which captures the skill and attention to historic accuracy that should always be part of a factory refurb. Beautifully shot, it channels the spirit of The Repair Shop TV show and we love that too.


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