Be Your Own Banksy With The Bamford Customiser

There is something addictive about designing your own one-off watch. That’s exactly how Bamford London feel as well, so you can buy their Sellita SW330 powered GMT watch with a variety of dial, bezel, hands options, plus a bit of engraving and lettering on the dial.

Sapphire crystal, 40mm steel case, so this will fit most wrists quite nicely.

We gave it a try and created two designs the 01 and 02 and we have to say, either model would be a welcome addition to the NWC watch drawer. Who doesn’t like the classic Pepsi Red/Blue bezel, or an orange or red GMT hand?

The cost is £1400, which is just slightly above the standard model £1250 retail. You don’t have any import duty of VAT to pay as Bamford is a UK based company, so that’s a bonus.

Find out more here.

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