Super Tough Casio G-Shock Frogman Ltd Edition

Casio has released two limited edition variants of its Frogman 200m dive watches. Here’s some details from Casio;

A first for the FROGMAN: an analog display. The over-sized dimensional index and hour and minute hands offer improved readability. Three dual-coil motors enable the hour, minute and world time hands to move rapidly so the wearer can switch modes with no delay.


Carbon fiber reinforced resin is used for the case material, offering high strength and low absorbency. In addition, six screws securely fasten the metal ring that is press-fit to the glass. Enhanced water resistance is facilitated by the button shafts’ triple-gasket fittings.

You can time yourself underwater too; The hour and minute hands can be brought together as one at the start of a dive to indicate the diving time. The second hand moves forward or in reverse to indicate the status of dive time and surface interval measurements.

Sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating offers high visibility and scratch-resistance. The Super Illuminator function lights up the watch face with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark.


Time correction is conducted by either Bluetooth® communications or standard time radio wave (Multi Band 6), depending on the circumstances. Reception of the most recent time zone and Daylight Saving Time information assures that the correct time is displayed at all times.


The two models start at £899, which is on par with many Indie brand 300m dive watches, featuring Sellita/Miyota movements, usually with steel bracelets, resin options. It isn’t as expensive as Swiss dive models and arguably offers more accurate timekeeping, plus bluetooth features. Add on a solar power cell, so no batteries to change for a decade or so, depending on use. Yes, the solar cell loses its ability to turn light into power over time, so you will need to replace the cell eventually – no energy is free.

More details on the Casio site here.

We don’t dive, and you probably don’t either. But this is a go-anywhere watch that looks classless, cool and does its job in one lightweight chassis. You have to admire that striving for perfection, it’s a Japan thing.

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