Nixoid Next is Nightlife Watch

Nixoid has updated its unique gas tube watch, and it’s available on Kickstarter right now. Already funded over target btw. It’s one of those trick things that looks better at night we think, like a blue neon lighting kit on a Gixer 750. OK, no, don’t do that..

This is a watch that looks like an old set of radiogram valves, and when you tilt it it displays the time. It has a sapphire crystal, huge case, plus an option to custom engrave the case and choose a custom strap design.

It is available with an accelerometer inside, so it sense movement, or without – which is cheaper obvs. Prices start at $349 on the early bird order for the Nixoid Next. It’s quirky and if you love the idea, check out the Kick page here.

Here is the word from Nixoid;

You can see the time by pressing a button or by gesture. The watch does not respond to accidental hand movements. All movements of the watch are processed by a separate core, to see the time you need to turn your wrist away from you, and then back, towards you. This gesture is programmed intentionally, and several times reduces false actuations, which has a good effect on the battery life.

  • The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer on is up to 10 days in everyday use;
  • The autonomy of the watch with the accelerometer turned off is up to 25-30 days in everyday use;
  • With the accelerometer disabled, the watch can be stored for up to two months in sleep mode.

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