A Grand For a Casio G-Shock Rainbow? Come On, Really?

Casio have released a jazzy Phoenix Rainbox G-Shock model which costs a cool grand. But is it cool?

This shimmering delight is based on the carbon MTG-B2000, with a Blue Phoenix-themed design. The Blue Phoenix is a legendary bird whose appearance is said to be a harbinger of good things to come, says Casio. Like the end of lockdowns and masks? Hmmm maybe.

Back to the Casio; The bezel and the case have separate structures. The double rainbow IP finish of the bezel gives it a two-tone pattern with horizontal gradation, while the metal frame of the case has vertical gradation, which creates the image of a crossed line.

The rainbow IP of this model creates distinctively unique colour patterns for each watch. The multi-colouring of the face matches the the bezel and case, while the navy blue semi-transparent band creates a further touch of elegance. That’s Casio talking by the way, this watch is no elegant rival to a Longines Heritage, let’s be honest.

A Bluetooth® communication function automatically connects with the G-SHOCK Connected app whenever the watch is in the vicinity of your phone, eliminating the need for button operations. The watch obtains accurate time information from an Internet-based time server for automatic time adjustment as you move between time zones. That’s great, so long as the Colonial Pipeline hackers don’t freeze the server of course.

MULTIBAND 6 automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six calibration signals around the globe when you are within the range of a signal, even if connection with a phone is not possible, for accurate timekeeping no matter where your travels take you.

Basic features include high-brightness LED illumination, Dual Time, stopwatch, and more. Stable operation is ensured by a CASIO original Tough Solar charging system.

Ther eis a 24 hour stopwatch, plus this model has a sapphire crystal for extra scratch resistance. There’s a daily alarm function and a phone finder button too.

It is something you will love for its sheer blingy Prince-1999 album cover purpleness, or perhaps think it looks like a 1992 Custom Car magazine makeover on a MkII Capri. Our verdict? Invest £1000 in a decent Seiko dive, pre-owned TAG Carrera or maybe a Tissot 1973 if you really like something big case n quirky.

Nothing wrong with a G-Shock, but you really are paying top dollar for

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