Upgrade Your Seiko or Orient With a Beads of Rice Bracelet

One way you can transform the look and feel of a Seiko or Orient watch is by upgrading the strap. Whether it has a steel bracelet or a silicone rubber factory fitted, it’s a quick Mod that can really add some Swiss style to your watch.

Here’s the word from Strapcode on the Orient Kamasu bracelet, which has the classic beads of rice design.

The new Goma BOR watch band with curved end link was designed for Orient Kamasu Green diver watch RA-AA0004E19A and its variants. Goma BOR is the contemporary and hi-tech version of the classic “Beads of Rice Bracelet,” with a remarkable soft drape and smooth bending characteristics.

The ovally shaped links of the Goma watch band is echoing the classic Beads of Rice Bracelet and the actual shape of the rice grain. Goma stainless steel watch bands have solid links; five small staggered well rounded polished beads in the middle and two brushed outer beads, the very iconic “beads-of-rice.” Making the links in the best proportion, the exquisite shape of a rice grain, tighter with a solid feel but still bent softly, was the most challenging.

This well-built replacement watch band was assembled using screw-in adjustable pins instead of push-in link pins. Watch band is tapering to 18mm buckle width. Accompany with V-Clasp double lock buttoned diver’s clasp.

V-Clasp was made from solid 316L stainless steel with extra 6 micro holes for flexible fine tune length adjustment. Featured in V shape safety lock, streamlined form & chamfer edged design to giving a more massive look.

Chamfer double locks diver’s buckle is ideal for a watch band with thickness approximately 3.5 – 5.0mm thickness. This isn’t a cheap option at US$99 but it really looks the biz.

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