ICYMI: Casio Edifice Scuderia Carbon Fibre

Solar watches are very cool and their power cells usually last a decade or so, which means less battery usage, which in turn is good for the planet. It’s nice to have a few smartwatch features too, although we are old school mechanical/automatic fans here at the NWC magazine. But let’s say one thing upfront; if you’re buying quartz/solar watches, the Japanese make them better than anyone. No bull, because we have been inside hundreds of them changing batteries and even rescued a few 30 year old Seiko quartz models with some cleaning ether and a brush of the contact tab. They are amazing.

So this Edifice – we refuse to use capitals by the way – at £500 seems a bit pricey for a solar timepiece (same watch is just $330 in the USA, but you have import duty and VAT at 20% on top if you buy overseas). Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium is about £250 or maybe a Seiko Solar Prospex model at £309 is a good choice? We saw one today at Fraser Hart’s website. But then, all three of them could easily last you 20 years with one power cell change costing about £40 on eBay.

Casio are super durable, they’re renowned for it – mainly because of the G-Shock watches, but the Edifice are built to a high spec too. And this Scuderia blue/grey beauty is no exception. Like most Casio watches this one looks well built enough to survive a Putin-backed invasion force. Carbon fibre bezel, stainless steel case and bracelt, plus sapphire crystal – the dial plate is carbon fibre too. Smart Link tech means you can connect the watch to your phone and then get the exact time, wherever you are in the world, which is great accuracy of course. It also has that Scuderia Ferrari motorsport connection and yep, we love motorsport watches.

You can use the watch to check emails, but it isn’t a smartwatch in that you can make or receive phone calls. There’s no fitness tracker stuff either.

There is a Honda edition variat at £300 by the way, which is red and not quite as cool looking.

Here’s the word from Casio;

From EDIFICE, the high-performance motor sports chronograph that is designed and engineered under the concept of “Speed and Intelligence,” comes the first model designed in collaboration with Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula 1 team. From 2020, Scuderia AlphaTauri became the new name of the Scuderia Toro Rosso racing team.

This new EDIFICE Scuderia AlphaTauri Limited Edition model incorporates the white and navy blue colors of the racing team into this design. The face of the model is bi-colored with the blue blending with the white in a beautiful gradation. The Scuderia AlphaTauri team logo appears on the face and back case cover of this model, as well as on the buckle clasp of the EQB-1100AT.

The EQB-1100AT has a carbon fiber octagon bezel, and is based on a new slim solar Smartphone Link model. High-performance chronograph capabilities along with Smartphone Link and a Tough Solar power system come packed into a slim 9.6mm configuration. The second-unit accuracy and the simple operation of the World Time function of this model is highly prized by team members.


Casio UK do deals with Signet Group, who own the H Samuel brand in the UK. Wait until there is a summer sale on and you may get this watch for somewhere closer to £350 in a few months. You’re welcome.


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