Boldr Medic III Has Anti-Virus Coating

Boldr has sent us some onfo on their new field watch and we like the cut of their jib with this one. It’s got a fancy coating which is resistant to virus stuff and bacterial warfare. OK, maybe not warfare..but you know, dirty old microbes looking to expand their activities. Here is the word from Boldr;

This striking blue beauty is the new Field Medic III, our latest medic-friendly trooper with an exclusive feature. Retaining all original specs, the FM III comes with a revolutionary protective coating known as BOLDR ProtectrTM. ProtectrTM is an invisible coating that kills viruses, harmful microbes, and multidrug resistant organisms effectively using nano-tech ‘blades’. Since the watch has been used by front-liners, the coating is a welcome addition particularly in environments with high virus exposure.

Consisting of many sharp, nano-particle blades that pierce the membranes of dangerous microbes, the coating effectively kills them upon contact without any harmful chemical residue. It also adds resistance to impact damage and scratches, and can last up to 30,000 washes! All the more reason to use & abuse it without worry.

Check out the new Field Medic III on today.

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