Brew Retrograph Is a Cuppa Joe To Go

Brew have a limited supply of their Retrograph model in stock right now. Designed to help baristas time the perfect espresso, the dial has a little yellow section on the markers between 25-35 seconds. Here’s the word from Brew;

In the early 1930s a specific category of chronograph watches were nicknamed telephone timers. They were designed with special markings that highlighted a range between every 3 minutes on the subdial register. After each 3 minute marker was reached, it would remind the wearer that they would need to insert another coin in the meter to continue their call.

Similar to this method of counting seconds and minutes with a direct correlation to the wearers action – the Retrograph has specific markers that specify when the optimal espresso shot has been extracted. The time for this ranges from 25 to 35 seconds – depending on the barista and the machine.

It’s a 38mm case meca-quartz watch, sapphire crystal and has a really pleasing red/white/blue colour combo going on. Blue leather strap too. Cost is $350 plus UK VAT and import duty. More here. 

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