Sinn ST144 Anniversary is An Old School Chrono

Sinn have a new collection for spring 2021, with the ST 144 being a revival of a traditional design. This model has an old fashioned motorsport feel to it and looks the business, very stopwatch efficient with its red second hand. Inside there is a Concepto 25 jewel movement, which is an independent Swiss manufactured piece, which as far as we can tell does all the stuff you want a chronograph to do.

Here’s some background on Swiss movement supply for you watch fans; The Swiss movement industry is subject to EU political pressure, as for decades ETA had a near-monopoly on supply to indie watch brands and then an agreement was reached a few years ago that some brands would manufacture in-house, and others would obtain their movements from alternative makers like Sellita, Soprod, Eterna or Felsa. One thing the EU hates is an efficient manufactuer on its doorstep making luxury goods and exporting them into the eurozone without ticking lots of ideological boxes on free trade, diversity or climate agenda stuff. So that is why Sinn – and other brands – cannot keep on fitting a Valjoux 7750 inside every chronograph they produce. There has to be a diversity of movement supply, or at least the appearance of it. Even though it would be more efficient in terms of resource and energy consumption to have say two movement suppliers making all mechanical movements in Switzerland.

Anyway, Concepto are Swiss based, modern factory and aiming high in terms of quality, so you’re buying a genuine Swiss quality timepiece for 3250 euros – which is reassuring.

Here’s the word from Sinn;

Launched in 1974, model 144 is one of the most traditional watches in our range.

To mark our company’s 60th anniversary, we are now introducing a special limited edition of 600 timepieces in the form of the 144 St S Anniversary II. This model clearly demonstrates the timelessness of our instrumental, technical watches. The 144 St S Anniversary II is also a fine example of how we are constantly developing our classic timepieces. For example, the old 144 featured a black chrome-plated case with mineral glass and was only pressure-resistant up to 5 bar.

The 144 St S Anniversary II takes things to the next level in many respects. For instance, this timepiece is equipped with a wide range of technical features, is resistant to low pressure, waterproof and can withstand pressures of up to 20 bar. Ar-Dehumidifying Technology ensures greater functional reliability and freedom from fogging. The bead-blasted surface of the stainless-steel case has also been hardened using Tegiment Technology, making it especially scratch-resistant. This type of technology forms the basis for the high-quality Black Hard Coating. Typical of a 144, our anniversary edition also features a combined tachymeter and pulsometer scale.

The prominent positioning and intuitive readability of the white counters for the stopwatch minutes and seconds give this anniversary edition a modern look, without forsaking its traditional feel. As a reminiscence of the company’s anniversary, the number 60 of the pulsometer scale has been applied in orange-red daylight luminous paint. It has a 41mm case diameter and there is a nine week delivery time on this new model.

Our limited edition 144 St S Anniversary II with unique numbering comes in a fine case with a black solid bracelet and a black silicone strap.


By the way there is a 120 euros shipping cost to non-EU countries, which is pretty spiteful for residents of the UK and NI, but entirely to be expected after the bitterness of Brexit. Bitterness by the EU naturally. The cost for German delivery is zero euro, but someone in Denmark has to pay 50 euros. Astonishing. How are they getting away with it?

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