Boldr Pays Tribute to The Radium Girls

The story of the Radium Girls is one of the most horrifying tales of human irresponsibility and oversight against the suffering endured by innocent factory workers, who had no idea they were being poisoned by Radium-laced luminous paint. Yes that was how watchmaking was done in the past, especially during WWII when troops, naval officers and aircrew were issued with glow-in-the-dark watches for night-time raids and battle operations.

Many watchmakers during the 1940s-60s were also exposed to radiation from the repair of these watches.

Boldr Supply Watches have produced 99 pieces of the Venture Un.dark, which pays tribute to the legacy of these fallen heroes. With a bright dial, the lume graphic features a worker from a century ago painting radioactive markers onto a watch. The watch has a Miyota movement inside, retails at $339 and has a 40mm case. The caseback is engraved with a typical selection of watch workshop tools from days past.

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