Salvatore Ferragamo Earth Day F-80 Skeleton

It was Earth Day earlier in March which gave Timex brand Salvatore Ferragamo the chance to offer a range of skeleton models with straps made from recycled materials. The first thing worth noting is that this is an automatic watch – so no battery. Once you understand the chain of supply for lithium batteries, and how often they need to be replaced, it’s obvious that an auto is the greener choice. Here’s the spec from Sal Ferra;

The F-80 Skeleton Sustainable, an exclusive, sustainable re-edition of one of its most successful timepieces. Available in green and blue versions, each made in a limited series of 200 pieces, the new F-80 Skeleton Sustainable has an elegant black satin case that contains an automatic movement visible through the transparent caseback and the skeleton dial, on which the double Gancini symbol stands out.

The strap is made of materials with a low environmental impact; a thin layer of FSC certified cork covers the inside, while the outside is of post-consumer recycled PET fibre fabric, with hole covers made of vegetable-tanned leather.

F-80 Skeleton Sustainable is presented in unique packaging, also made entirely of responsible materials; the outer box is in FSC certified cardboard, while the wood and metal protective shell – available in two shades that match those of the watch – is lined internally with hemp, and externally in post-consumer recycled PET fibre fabric. The watch support cushion is made of a bioplastic material obtained 100% from sugar cane.

The construction of the F-80 Skeleton Sustainable’s climate impact has been measured according to the ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint standard, which quantifies the emissions due to all of its production stages. To obtain the carbon offsets necessary to make this exclusive model “carbon neutral”, Salvatore Ferragamo has made use of the support of Rete Clima, a non-profit organization fighting against climate change, with whom the company will support the realization of the Burgos Wind Project, the largest wind farm in the Philippines; thus establishing an ideal parallel between the movement of the hands and that of the wind turbines. In addition to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by generating large-scale electricity from a clean and renewable source, the project will create jobs and concrete economic opportunities for local communities.

The new F-80 Skeleton Sustainable will be available from April in Salvatore Ferragamo stores, at authorised retailers, and online. There is a downside to this greener option however which is the £1800 retail price.

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