Charlie Concordia: A Very Cool Customer

We had an email in France recently, telling us about Charlie, a Paris based watch company. This is a new brand for us, but worth looking at, especially the new automatic model, the Concordia.

This tool watch has a 300m depth rating, comes with a blue, white or black dial, and a range of straps or steel bracelets. It has been thoroughly road-tested by a polar explorer Matt Tordeur who trekked solo across the Antarctic ice shelf wearing a Concordia. He was the fastst, youngest Frenchman to make the trip too, so fair play! Featuring an automatic STP movement this 40mm watch has a 3mm thick sapphire crystal and is actually made in France. So many Indie watch brands are designed in Europe but assembled in Singapore, China or Hong Kong, so this makes a refreshing change we think.

For 595 euros on pre-order, you get a very tough watch for the money; 316 grade stainless steel case, screwdown crown naturally, with plenty of Superlume on the dial and traditional dive watch hour markers and unidirectional bezel. All round, everyday durability and no problems over swimming or diving on holiday with 300 metres to play with.

The only variation we would love to see is a Red/White/Bleu dial edition, just to celebrate that Made In France feeling. It’s great to see watch manufacturing come back to countries like France, UK, Netherlands, Poland and other European nations. As much as any enthusiast admires the Swiss brands, it should always be possible to add a watch from your home country to the display box.

Delivery is expected in May, pre-order here. 

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