Omega’s America’s Cup Seamaster Cuts a Clean Profile

You have to admit that the latest twist on Omega’s Seamaster, the Americas Cup special edition is one very handsome watch. This 44 mm chronograph is made from stainless steel, with a bezel ring in blue ceramic and a white enamel diving scale. The legendary Diver waves are laser-engraved on the blue ceramic dial, and as a special touch, the red aluminium central seconds chronograph hand features an America’s Cup on the counterweight.

The Seamaster is one of those watches that has arguably been left unchanged for too long. Yes, we know lots of people buy the familiar blue wave dialled, chunky timekeepers, but lots of people bought the previous version of the Nissan Qashqai. Nissan still made it sharper edged for 2021, with blinged-up 20 inch wheels, hybrid power and the Pro-Pilot ADAS features built in, so that idiots who are checking Instagram can avoid a trip to A&E because the car brakes or swerves for them.

You see, watch makers, like car-makers should never take their audience for granted. Change is good. Refreshing your colour palette every five years or so might be a great way for Omega to win over some customers under 35 – just saying.

Watch the promo clip here;

It features a Chrono-Lock function, which is a slider type button on the side of the case. This can lock in those chronograph recorded timings for you, which isn’t just handy when sailing, you could time a BSB lap, or a horse race…your commute to work, anything. Inside you have a Cal 9900 in there, with 60 hours power and the famed co-axial escapement, which reduces the friction and so extends life between services. Always a good thing with Swiss watches, as servicing is getting more expensive now that manufacturers are insisting on customers sending watches off to authorised centres, or lose their warranty.

Yep, stunning details all round.

Obviously this is a tool watch for anyone engaged in sailing competitions, but we think you could wear it anywhere. It’s not cheap at £8800, but it does stand out in a way that most Seamasters do not and it offers a level of build quality that means a lifetime of ownership is a viable ambition. You would always feel a little bit of pride with this on your wrsit and maybe that is the secret of a true classic?

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