Zelos Swordfish Bronze Bracelet Edition

Zelos has announced the drop of the Bronze SF40 model which features an all new bronze bracelet. These bracelets have a unique dual material construction to prevent the bronze from coming into contact with your skin and turning it green. That can happen quite easily with bronze, so having a steel surface on the inside of the links is a good move. The CUSN8 bronze used for the case and bracelets will patina over time.

The SF40 comes standard with a tropic rubber strap and bronze buckle. Inside the 40mm case there is a Seiko NH35 automatic mopvement. The bronze bracelets are available separately and are priced higher than regular steel bracelets due to the complexity in construction, says Zelos.

The model will be available from tomorrow onwards, shipping and UK import duties will apply on the Checkout price of course.

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