Undone Killy Mixes Modern Tech & Vintage Craft

Yep, we love a vintage styled modern watch here at Northern Watch Co magazine. The Undone Killy – nope still not playing the SHOUTY CAPITALS game – is a winner for us with its wonderfully weathered dial finish

The UNDONE Vintage Killy gets a refreshing transformation from founder, Michael Young. This time, Michael ventures one step further into the world of vintage watch design by replacing the existing dial with a patinated one, and a unique strap made out of Katazome fabric.

UNDONE has managed to set itself apart byintroducing customizable, made to order, vintage-inspired watches at affordable prices. In addition, the Vintage Killy offers the best of both worlds–distinctive old school form and excellent function. The Designer’s Draft Edition, limited to only 150 pieces worldwide, has taken the vintage design to the next level. There’s a meca-quartz movement inside that vintage case, plus it has a box crystal.

This is a neat touch as it captures the vibe of the old plexiglass crytals found on vintage watches when plastic was actually deemed cool, and er…progressive. Yes really, people liked its ability to take a knock without shattering like mineral glass. The Killy also has a Katazome fabric strap, which is kinda trick, as paste is applied to the strap via a stencil. You get a sort of mottled effect, which works very well with the overall pre-loved feel of this one.

Priced at $395 the Undone Killy offers a beautiful take on the vintage chronograph vibe. For purists the quartz movement will be a minus point but if you love vintage and want accurate timekeeping too, then this one has the lot.

The standard Killy model is on the Undone website for £229 by the way. More here. 


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